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What does eXant do?
eXant is the leader in the implementation of complete solutions, improving business communication. Efficient communication means more time for your company, your employees, customers and business partners.

On account of the know-how eXant branches have been gaining for many years worldwide and our ideal staff, we are able to handle the most demanding projects and ensure their top quality.
Who uses iBuilder?
Our customers include companies which have already taken care of the back office areas, implemented advanced IT systems (ERP, financial, stock etc.) and are aware of the fact that the next step in their development is to increase the efficiency of communication between the employees, customers and business partners.

Therefore, these companies decided to implement iBuilder – a complete front-office solutions improving business communication.  
Our distinctive features
eXant is an international organization that associates marketing communication and business processes know-how with information technology.

01. The best implementation practice
02. Efficient tools and effective implementation processes
03. Thorough and integrated system
04. Experienced staff
05. Prince2 methodology